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Healthy living and working

Slow down, Stay fast.


Together for a productive and mentally and physically healthy working environment.
We are the health coach for your employees.

Business Yoooga

Yoooga is not your typical yoga studio, Yoooga brings yoga to you. Our goal is to help people maintain not only their physical but also their mental health, while living your life. Yoooga gives you a moment to slow down, in order to stay fast in the busy lives we live.

At Yoooga we are building a community of freelance yoga teachers with a passion to bring yoga into the business segment. With demands and stresslevels rising in the work environment, people are becoming more and more aware of the relevance of slowing down once in a while for productivity. Also the importance of better communication in business, especially internally, has finally come through. There has been a rise in team bonding activities, and also mediation has taken a hold. Yoga can be a great addition to these team bonding activities, helping people manage their stresslevel and creating healthy relationships within a company.

Corporate yoooga at the office is highly effective in helping to reduce employee stress levels and increase your overall sense of well-being. Decreasing absenteeism, higher employee retention rates, and increased productivity are just a few of the benefits that a workplace wellness program can bring to your organization.


Yoooga brings yoga to your office on your schedule, making efficient time management. Other benefits of yoooga are:

• Increased productivity, focus and energy

• Decreased healthcare costs

• Reduced absenteeism

• Increased employee satisfaction

• Improved recruitment and retention of high-achieving employees




Who are we

We are Hadewych and Guinevere,  we come from different backgrounds, but found a similar purpose While juggling work, study, family and social life, we both stumbled upon a breaking point. We needed something to bring us back to who we are and help us find our own moment in everyday life! Yoga helped both of us not only to clear our mind, but also we regained our focus, energy and an overall love of life.

We believe that working should not be as detrimental to your health, physical and mental, as it is today. We believe you can have a productive work day, without feeling stressed and tired when you come back home. That is why we created Yoooga, so everyone can live and work healthy, just by slowing down a moment.



Hadewych: As an architect student, I experienced quite young the effects of working to hard and keeping up with social life, feeling tired, stressed and lacking motivation. This is something many people experience, especially with the rise of social media and the desire to make a difference in the world, which are all good things. However while taking to much weight on our shoulders, looking at others and comparing ourselves, we often lose our sense of self and our purpose. Yoga helped me at the time and I believe it can help you too.


Guinevere: I love to work hard and achieve my goals. Because I really enjoy what I’m doing it was tempting to never stop working. In the end, I couldn’t keep it up. I see this happening with so many talented and hardworking people around me. There are all these expectations that we want to fulfil. Sometimes it becomes too much and we forget to take care of ourselves. For me, yoga and meditation made the difference between a burnout and a balanced work and personal life. With Yoooga I hope I can do the same for you.


We want you to lose the stress, burnouts and back pain. We want you to feel amazing, about yourself and what you do.

This is why we founded Yoooga, where we teach yoga at corporates, inviting you to rediscover who you are. We want you to go to and leave work happy and fulfilled, knowing that what you do is in line with who you are. (We want you to slow down in order stay fast)



Please contact us for any questions or opinions at business@yoooga.org

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